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Now, Easily Connect  with Your Customers and Expand your Business more smartly…

Now Share your Digital Visiting Card with your Customers following Covid 19 precautions..


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Why? Digital Visiting Card . . .

  • Single Platform
  • Printed cards make up a heap in a few months so it becomes hard to find when required. It might get misplaced too.

  • Environment Friendly
  • A Survey shows printed cards handed out are thrown out in less than a week. These can be stopped by increasing the use of Digital Visiting cards.

  • Save Nature
  • Save Trees, Save *Environment.

  • Easy Updation
  • Digital Cards can be easily updated. In the case of Printed cards, we need to Redesign and Reprint the cards which becomes difficult and expensive for small businesses.

  • Easy Access
  • You can get easy access to the visiting cards shared by others on your Smartphone anytime, anywhere. Due to the Digital India Campaign, everyone is Digitizing themselves and so everyone can easily access the Digital cards.

  • Time Saving
  • Digital Business card saves lot of time. One doesn’t have to search for a physical business card that might have been kept somewhere. Also, earlier people attended get-to-gathers just to collect business cards of the well- known businessman. But now this can be done sitting in your house or office, which saves much of time.

  • Great First Impact
  • Digital Visiting cards allow you to attach videos and links which are related to your business. This helps in showing the whole story behind your brand. This creates a very good First Impression for your clients.

  • Circulate worldwide
  • Anyone .. from anywhere can get in touch with ou & give you orders, benefitting your business








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